These reviews were from labor and birth experiences. Please see Facebook review link for reviews on placenta encapsulation, lactation snacks, and other services offered.


We are so grateful for your companionship during and after birth! I cannot overstate that. You made me feel safe and loved by your bright, caring presence and above-and-beyond involvement (calls, visits, presence during a very long labor). Some specifics: During labor at home, you helped labor progress through atmosphere and the peanut ball. At the hospital, you gave Thomas breaks (and made him feel comfortable and involved throughout!). You talked me through contractions and different positions to help labor progress. You are so good at this!  I felt deeply supported. And when I got in the zone of intense labor, it felt like it was just you and me in that zone. Your voice and touch were my lifeline and comfort. You were also a lifeline at that later postpartum visit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Cloud Family